Trains are awesome!


Krisi and Bobi on the train

Trains are not only traditional vehiculat toys, they are awasome! They move and roll, they make specific noise and smoke out all the time: all these charazteristics make children love them so much. Watching a train moving around on its tracks is amazing, like in a fairy tell. There is a huge number of train cartoons in circulation on TV, youtube, books, magazines and in the kids store. But why not visit the railroad in person? Of course, for 3  and 5 years old boys the best place is at the entertainment park.

Krisi and Bobi on the train


– Bobi, have you ever been on a train before?

– Yes.
– ?!? When? Where was I?
– Yesterday. While you were watching Peppa Pig, I went on the train! The train in mummy’s painting!
– Oh, Bobi, you can’t enter that train, it is not real!
– Mummy told me to close my eyes and immagine I was on the train, and I did! And you know what?! You can come as well because there is another train, a second one, behind the brown tree!

To some children, like Krisi and Bobi, trains and railways are the best thing in the world. They are learning their alphabet from a book that shows letters on train wagons. Bring them to a railway station and they will be thrilled as each train rumbles along the way.

If your little ones pester you about a train ride there are some places you could take them to.

  • the local line on a short distance;
  • on the tramp around the city – this usually works, but not every time;
  • plan a family vacation that includes visitting famous railroad parks like McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, Scottsdale, Arizona, Carkeek Park, Seattle, Washington, Irvine Regional Park, Orange, California, Estación de Atocha, Madrid, Spain, Dennis the Menace Playground, Monterey, California, Norway’s Flam Railway, Sweet Switzerland: The Chocolate Train, Tunnels Galore: The Bernina Express and many others. It may seem plain to you, but to the kids, riding on a train is a fascinating experience!
  • In adition, why not bring the train at home and put it on the wall?

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