Unique Sport T-shirts for Kids!

Yes! It is True!
Our new collection is here!

2018 is a very special year for me and my kids: We launched our Sportswear collection – T-shirts for children!

Adventure awaits in our new Sportswear T-shirts collection – 

Don Quixote is fighting windmills, Alice in Wonderland is still one of the most favorite kids’ stories, Sinbad is chasing treasures in the deepest waters, The Little Prince is talking to his friend – the stone rose!

You can find all that magic on our T-shirts!

“Alice in Wonderland” – Front

The Artist’s imagination is unlimited! And because I love making things that make children happy I decided to launch this very special fashion line.

“Alice in Wonderland” – Back
“Alice in Wonderland” – Back

In this sports t-shirts I put my Art for kids into fashion – a collection ready to review true colors and true love to art.

T-Shirt “The Little Prince”

Designed for enjoying life!

Sports T-shirt, theme: “Candies”, Designed for enjoying life

The Sizes are from 2 y old to 14!

“Sinbad, the legend of the seven seas”
“Sinbad, the legend of the seven seas”-detailed view

Description of the T-Shirts:
Material: polyester/lycra/cotton;
Convenient shape;
Lightweight wicking material 165 gr./m2;
Fit: regular;
Designed for enjoying life!

Shipment of the items:
It takes from 7 – 10 days to dispatch the item. We start making the items once we receive your order: Size and preferred image. Customer’s satisfaction is our main goal!

All my T-shirts are unique, because I use my original pieces; one of a kind, to make them.

This is “My Art for Kids”! We are everywhere! We are worldwide!

My Paintings and T-shirts have found homes and owners all over the world: Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Canada

Thank you so much, guys for the beautiful words, compliments and questions!

Copyright©Radosveta Zhelyazkova, All Rights Reserved

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