Mom’s puzzles / Пъзелите на мама

Krisi & Bobi are playing jigsaw puzzles made from mom’s unique and colourful art pieces.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun, challenging, and provide kids with a sense of accomplishment. They also provide enjoyable ways for kids to build their emerging skills. Jigsaw puzzles are important. Why? Because:
– They help them see similarities. Matching activities help kids note similarities, which in turn enable them to generalize.
See differences. Making distinctions is another basic cognitive ability.
Recognize the right order.
– Help them to remember. Many puzzles and other activities involve memory.
See Patterns. Seeing a pattern helps kids predict what’s next.

“My Art for Kids” jigsaw puzzles are suitable for kids because:
– have bright and saturate colors;
– have an awe factor such as cute animals, kids’ favorite vehicles, such as trains and cars, children playing, beautiful scenery and floral, landmarks that generates an emotional response in the customer;
– doesn’t have white space;
– are made in rectangular horizontal format which is the most used.

If you wish to have a puzzle “My Art for Kids” you can choose among lots of bright and colorful art pieces which can be found here.

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