Brothers talking

Brothers talking:

-Bobo, I wish I could fly like the birds!

– Me too. I want an airplane

-I like balloons. I wish I could fly with a balloon. The ones with the fire inside. We can fly together. There will be enough space to take our toys and hot wheels cars with us.

-Yes. And we will land in a hotel. The hotel will have a pool and sea inside.I prefer the pool. So, you can land in the sea.

Art work: “Fly high with your dreams” from the My Art for Kids Collection

The dream of flying

If your kids dream of becoming a pilot like mine – be happy for them and give them support. Children rarely have ambitious dreams and this one is highly ambitious – making it come true will require from your child persistence, stubbornness, and consequence in pursuing long-term goals. Use any way possible to help them fulfill the dream.

This applies to any dream actually…Good luck!

-Бобо, искам да се науча да летя.
-Оф, и аз. искам на самолет
-Аз не. Аз искам на балон, онези с огъня. Вътре има много място в коша, ще се съберат “хот уилсите”
-Да, и ще паркираме в хотел, в който има басейн и море. Аз предпочитам басейна, затова ти паркирай балона в морето

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