We love art, tractors and all kinds of entertainment!

Hi everyone! We are called Krisi and Bobo! We are 5 and 3 years old loud boys. Our mom is a painter. She paints on canvas funny animals, green, red and yellow fields, blue skies, deep waters and big balloons! Our favourite subjects though are vehicles – big and noisy tractors, rural excavators, trucks, long trains and planes! Well, she sometimes makes pink paintings and we give them to the little girls… Mom often goes to meet other artists and other kids on exhibitions. We take advantage of her trips and use the time and her oil colors to make a mess.

While painting mom eventually came with an idea to have her own blog. “This is how my art for kids can be seen through children’s eyes”,  she said and named it “My Art for Kids”. And, of course, we followed her here – we are ready to entertain you and help her make this place beautiful and fun!

Krisi and Bobo will share everything that makes them happy in life and will write about how much they enjoy art! My Art For Kids!


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