Chronopolis – a science fiction novel by Joseph John Racano


Joseph John Racano

For Alternity…

It has been said that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But that wasn”t said about the altruistic men and women of Alternitycorp, a group of science-adventurers who gained absolute power only to change key events of the past in hopes of creating a better future. This future had a name, and that name was Chronopolis, a city created using a science called Chrononomy. It all starts deep beneath Alternity Group Headquarters, where Special Time Agent Justin Nicholas Thyme enters the Chrona, an imposing time portal powered by the nuclear fusion of nearby stars. This star energy enables Justin and his protegĂ©e Infinity Staires to travel back in time to change key events, forward in time to explore mankind”s eventual fate, and even across infinite fractured dimensions. Join Justin as he fights giant centipedes in the Permian, while Infinity attempts to prevent Cortes from landing at La Paz, all under orders from a group of wildly rich scientists trying to save humanity, and the flora and megafauna of the future. Chronopolis is the home base, and the Chrona is the gateway to the past, future and beyond. Come ride along, and don”t forget to wear a protective “freeze” suit for the time jumps! Meet our agents, the aliens, the ants and the beautiful amazons of Space Station Armstrong, then take a breather at Alternity”s Miocene base, where Infinity keeps Owdy, her pet Woolly Mammoth. This is an adventure you will never forget.