You’re expecting a baby…You need help? We are here for the best part!

Although your newborn won’t notice the art works on the wall at first, they will appreciate having something beautiful to look at in their room as they get a little older. In any case, “My Art for Kids” is here to help!

If you’re expecting a baby you might have started to think about setting up the nursery, like:

Setting Up a crib, a changing table, a dresser, and a chair.

As an artist who makes art for little kids I would add one extra step – original paintings on the walls. But let’s go through the first four steps…

Clear out the room you intend to turn into the baby’s room. Take out all the old items. A new life, a newborn is on its way – remove the old, you don’t need it anymore.

After you clean the premise, paint the nursery if you want. It is always better to have new and clean walls. Otherwise, how can you call it “new”? Once you know the theme for your nursery, you can paint the walls if you choose. There are many options on the market and I strongly recommend you to use non-toxic colors for your unique room for the kid.

Furnishing the Nursery could be fun if you have someone to help you. Put together the crib, a comfortable chair for you next to the baby’s crib, a changing table and dresser in the room that match the colors of the walls for your convenience and finally…decorate the room

Decorating the room is the best part of the process!

With a little planning and some research on the net, you can create a warm, safe, welcoming space for your family’s new member!

One of my favorite things to do is to peek at websites that show pictures of interior designs. I am keeping a whole collection of different examples of beautiful and unique rooms for kids.

Here is my Top 5 list of budget children’s rooms including links to the websites. /click on the images for bigger size/

Designing and decorating a nursery room or a room for older kid/s is something very personal. In any case, I would love to share my favorite interiors.

I recommend you to choose the wall art to match your theme. 

Although your newborn won’t notice the art work on the wall at first, they will appreciate having something beautiful to look at in their room as they get a little older. In any case, “My Art for Kids”is here to help!

Image courtesy of Chalk Kids

1.White walls, white crib, white furniture. The first thought that comes to my head is “a baby room”. Steph Withers – Founder and Editor, Chalk Kids


White wall

You can hang any art work on white walls, no matter the theme, the size or the dominant color. White matches everything.



Beige wall

According to your preferred theme you can choose art works with ships and ocean, rain drops or funny animals and creatures.

2.Paint it baby pink if you are expecting a girl. Pink for girls, blue for boys – classic. Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore,

Image courtesy of Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore

Art works suggestions: “Alice in wonderland”, “Flying dandelions” are my favorite paintings for girls room’.

After the baby pink, comes the baby blue. “Soft, relaxing shades and an amazing moon decal makes this bedroom feel out of this world! Set your sights on the stars when dreaming up the perfect space for your kids” | Pulte Homes,

Image courtesy of Pulte Homes

If you are planning to use the “5-stars” theme, you may also want to have 5-stars paintings on your walls, such as: “The Little Prince” and “Peter Pan” OR

You can always count on my oceans! Blue, deep and with fairy subjects such as “Sinbad, the legend of the seven seas”

My next pick is walls in grey. Stylish, chick and beautiful. Grey is the best base for art works. If I were to paint my kids room’s walls now I would paint them grey. You can find these eclectic kids’ rooms here “The Boo and The Boy”, – Thank you!

Image courtesy of The Boo and The Boy

Image courtesy of The Boo and The Boy

Possible paintings for grey walls:

Grey Walls

Vehicles: always welcome.

Fairy tales, like “Wizard of Oz”, “Winnie – the Pooh“, “Don Quixote de la Mancha” and “Arlechino and Pierrot” create unique and magical atmosphere in the room.

Winnie the Pooh paintings

“Don Quixote de la Mancha” and “Il Camino”

A cool green bedroom concept designed personally by Armando Ferriani, A team of Designers, “Studio Ferriani,
Green is so relaxing…

Image courtesy of Armando Ferriani

Soft green walls

For me green color and all its nuances have to do with nature: fishes, animals, birds, bugs…possible art works contain nature life.

Nature art

Remember, these are just ideas.
You can do whatever you think is best for your kid/s and family. You can also play with the colors and paint each wall a different color and use combinations like green and yellow, pink and grey, blue and white. Use your imagination, free your mind! 

If you need help from an artist, ask me 24/7 here:!
Feel free to write questions or leave comments! Good luck and Congratulations!

Create a room you’ll love!

Warm wishes,

Radi, “My Art for Kids”

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