What do you imagine when you think of a desert? A cactus party!

What do you imagine when you think of a desert?

a/ …just sand?

b/ Camels chewing air?

c/ …more sand???

All of these are correct, but did you know that deserts can be also fun? What about the Temple of Tutankhamun or Indiana Jones bursting in Egypt Pyramids? What about a Cactus Party?!


Cactus party

Deserts probably don’t seem like very fun places to live. Most deserts seem boring and desolate. But life in deserts can be challenging, adventurous and intriguing. It can be also fun because it preserves some unique plants called Cactus.

This guy is funny and charming; it grows where the soil is dry and rocky—most usually in the desert. A cactus doesn’t have leaves like other plants do. A cactus has spines or thorns.

The plural word for cactus is “cacti”. Plural means more than one.

There is a vast variety of cacti: some of them look like balls, others like brushes; some of them are very tall, othes – short and “fat”. Most of them produce flowers – very small as a coin or huge like a trumpet. Their flowers are also very colorful: white, bright red, yellow, baby pink or orange. The thorns of most cacti are poisonous – getting poked could cause you feel dizzy or loose feeling where you were poked.

Cactus Party

Cactus Party

The best part is that you and your kids can grow it at home. They are easy because they need so little water. They love the sun and feel fine in or outside.

Instead of planting it, though, I decided to paint it, so it stays forever 🙂

In any case, they are absolutely adorable and made my kids smile. :)))
Do you still think deserts are boring?

Cactus Party

Cactus Party


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