We have 4 Days till Christmas! Call the children!

We have 4 Days till Christmas! Call the children, please, I want to tell them something…

My wish for you, kids, this holiday season is that you achieve your dreams. Not now. Your job now is to play, laugh, jump, go to baby theaters, eat candies, enjoy your childhood, be kids and believe in miracles.

Dreams come later. 

Whatever that may be.  For me, painting is a dream which is why I created “My Art for Kids” – a website and an on-line shop that offers unique art for kids and their families, clothes and accessories. 

Art affords me the freedom to pursue my dreams. For you it might be playing football, playing the piano, math, fashion….Some of you probably have not yet started to think about dreams. But you will. You will feel what your dream(s) is with every single cell of your body.

We are what we dream…so I wish you activate and achieve your dreams. 

I often teach my kids to follow their passion, to be prepared to work hard and above all not to let anyone to limit their dreams and minds. Dreams must be free to fly high. You should never agree to surrender your passion.

Cheers to your parents,

Radosveta Zhelyazkova
CEO of “My Art for Kids”

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