This painting has been sold. Guess its name!

This painting is called

“Forest” and has been sold to a client who lives in Germany.

Its size is only 35 x 27 cm  and I barely found it; I almost had forgotten where it was. But I remembered a story about it.

Last year I participated in an Art festival by the sea.

I had put “Forest” on a tripod along with my other art works.

A little boy, took it up from the ground – the strong wind had blown it away, and he brought it to me. His name was Bozhko. While passing the painting to me, Bozhko asked:
– “These are chilli hot peppers, aren’t they?”
– I was going to tell him, “No” but I realized: “Oh, They really looked more like hot chilli peppers than trees”
“Your painting is very nice. I would tell my mother to buy it for me but I don’t like hot peppers. Once I tried one and my eyes burst in tears, and Mom always tells me, “Please, stop crying!”
Guess, after this conversation, how I changed the name of the painting?!

Тази моя картина се казва “Forest” и е продадена.

Ще я пращам в Германия. Мъничка е и едва я намерих, бях забравила дори къде е. Но пък се сетих една история за нея. “Forest” означава Гора.
Бях я изложила на Фестивала на Шевицата, заедно с моите “Кукли в носии”.

Едно момченце – Божко, я вдигна от земята, понеже вятърът е беше бутнал, и ми я донесе.

Попита ме:
– Това са люти чушки, нали?
– Тамън да му кажа, “Не”, осъзнах, че наистина приличат повече на люти чушки, отколкото на дървета 😁
– Много ви е хубава. Бих казал на майка да ми я купи, но не обичам люти чушки. Веднъж опитах една и ми се насълзиха очите, а мама все ми казва “Стига си ревал!”.
Познайте, след този разговор, как вече се казва гората? 

Дали бъдещият й собственик обича люти чушки?

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