“The Little Prince” and my two little princes

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of my favorite books. It is a magical novel about the importance of friendship and the quest for the truth.

Although on first glance The Little Prince might seem to be a simple children’s book about the search for friendship, the book can be read on many different levels. The author of the novel resourcefully crafts it to be interpreted on many different levels according to the age of the reader, and so the book transcends the limits of both time and age. On one level the Little Prince is searching for friendship, but on another level he is searching for something much more: he is searching for the truth.

My two little boys and I have been discussing at home some important social themes. Krisi and Bobi were asking me about friendship, trust between two people, sharing (in their case toys), possession, money. In order to make my explanation as clear as possible I decided to create a beautiful and colorful painting. I called the art piece “The little prince” after the Exupéry’s novel. In my opinion this book is the best teacher when it comes to themes that are important to the society as a whole.
During my “teaching process” I came to realize one other thing:
Art IS magic!
While I was making little price’s stone rose with my colors, my rose started to bloom for the first time and it is still winter in my country!
Yes! Art is Magic! 🙂


Little prince

“The Little prince” Size: 55 x 46 x 2 cm Technique: oil on canvas

Rose blooming

“Малкият Принц” от А. Екзюпери е една от любимите ми книги. Това е една вълшебна новела, в която се разказва за значението на приятелството и търсенето на истината.
Напоследък, заедно с моите две момчета, разискваме важни социални теми като приятелство, доверие, споделяне (в техния случай на играчки), собственост, пари и други. В желанието си да бъда възможно най-ясна, реших да създам тази картина. Казва се “Малкият Принц” по едноименната книга на Екзюпери. Освен, че привлякох чрез нея вниманието на децата към споменатите по-горе въпроси осъзнах за пореден път, че изкуството е магия! Докато рисувах “скалната роза” на малкия принц, моята започна да цъфти, а е още зима.

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