Swords Vs Bulrushes

– Bobi! What are you doing?! Why are you holding your sword upside down?!

-No! It is right! Look at the picture on the wall!

-Bobi, that’s not a picture; that’s mom’s new painting! And these are not swords but bulrushes!

-Bulrushes?! What’s a bulrush?

-A bulrush is a “sword”, put in the ground and its handle is sticking out in the air! Let me show you how to handle a sword! And you must look very serious and bad while using it…like me!

Do your kids love playing knights with swords and imaginary castles? Welcome to having a boy! That is what they do! They love to play with guns and swords as much as playing with cars. Although many parents (you, probably, as well) are breathing in and out shocked  for a few minutes seeing their kids playing weapons, relax…it is totally normal. They grab a stick, a toy gun, a sword and use it to feel empowered!

-Какво правиш, Боби?! Защо си държиш меча наобратно?!

-Не е наобратно! Виж на картинката!

-Боби, това не е картинка, а новата творба на мама! И тези не са мечове, а папури!!

-Папури?! Какво е папур?

-Папур е много специален меч, забит в земята и дръжката му стърчи във въздуха. Нека ти покажа как се държи истински меч! И също, трябва да изглеждаш много лош и сериозен, докато го размахваш…като мен!

Radosveta Zhelyazkova

Name: Bulrush
Size: 55 x 46 x 2 cm


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