Radosveta ZhelyazkovaMy name is Radosveta and I am the CEO of “My Art for Kids” – Paintings, Clothes and accessories for kids.

I am creative and a mother of two loud boys. Once upon a time I worked in an office but now I am sharing my love of art with my fans and clients.

Nine years ago I created my family art company called “My Art for Kids” which offers colorful and vivid art works for toddlers and little children.

My mission as an artist is to make you and your kids happy. I guess I was born to bring joy to people. Why?

First: Because my name means “World’s Joy” (“R A D O S V E T A” in my language, which is Bulgarian, means “World’s Joy“)

Second: Because I am always smiling 🙂

Third: Because Everywhere I look, I see ART. EVERYTHING inspires me: nature, streets, colors, movement, textures and shapes, tints, the earth, wind, fire and water…Most of all: the kids.

The mission of “My Art for Kids” is to be one of the world’s leading providers of paintings suitable for the decoration of the room of a child. “My Art for Kids” seeks to develop the most attractive, unique, colorful and profitable art for little children in the world.

My Paintings:

The art works from “My Art for Kids” collection are characterized with rich and vivid colors that bring positive emotions and a sense of pure joy in the room. The pieces inspire moments of optimism and happiness…

My paintings are focused on helping children all over the world build strong love and desire to art. They are full of colorful organic shapes. In my art works you see a vast palette of shades and tints.

The variety of bright colors keeps children’s attention and helps them to learn the objects and their shapes. I work with oil colors on canvas. All my paintings are unique, original pieces; one of a kind.

I am an artist who is influenced by anything: my life, environment, kids, work, movies, stories, other artists, social values and the society. I think everything I see and experience in life influences my art in some way.

I love many traditional art expressions like the simple but very attractive and colorful silhouettes and at the same time I am very attractive to mystery and fantasy scenes.

Creating work that is imaginative yet organic is the key ingredient of my working process. I never plan art pieces totally precisely but will have an idea in mind –almost every art work of mine is made from my imagination. Also, some of my art works are inspired by old books and the impact that these stories have on me.

Apart from my art on canvas I make clothes for kids – as colorful, bright and attractive as my paintings. So, if you see somewhere on the street, a painting from your wall on some little kid’s shirt, don’t be surprised!

This is “My Art for Kids”! We are everywhere! We are worldwide!

My Paintings  and T-shirts have found homes and owners all over the world: Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Canada

My Kids:

In addition to my portfolio and store, my two little boys, Kris and Bobi, are maintaining a blog where we are laughing life off by sharing daily mishaps, funny situations and embarrassments. Kris and Bobi are here to entertain you and help me make this place beautiful and fun!

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Painting in my studio
Fun + fun = FUN
On the tram