Social platforms play big role in my career!

Social platforms play big role in my career by helping me create new links between me and partners, me and clients, fans and friends.

I am also very attracted to social media and I enjoy working on my online representation as a person and artist.
There are two examples of social network experience I would like to mention here:

First is my recent participation to TAE19 (Twitter Art Exhibit). Twitter art exhibit gives the opportunity to artists from around the WORLD to donate their art to help a charity initiative. This year is its 9th year and TAE19 is supporting “Art in healthcare” in Edinburgh UK.

I was so pleasantly surprise when I opened the official TAE catalog and found a picture of my colorful “Don Quixote” on the first page of the edition next to the campaign’s logo. I told to myself: “See, Radi, it is working. The magic is here, it’s everywhere! I am helping people.”

The second example from my recent initiatives is a book which I have been illustrating for the last year and a half. The author of the book who is living on the other side of the world found me through my official facebook page.

This book made me feel proud of myself. I know the writer feels the same. And the strangest thing is that we have never met in person.

I am very thankful for the social media and all the online opportunities out there; it’s an endless ocean of chances.

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