“The Magic Universe” by Mariette Hathor

“The Magic Universe” by Mariette Hathor

Words from the Author Mariette Hathor from Facebook:

“Today is a big day for me. I received the galley proof of The Magic Universe…

A story that was given to me to tell.

This story was so precious to me that I was brutally meticulous on illustrations for the story to become a book.
It took 9 years for the day to arrive that I saw an artist’s work on a Facebook group I was invited to while in India. I was in love with the way she used color and how she made a picture shine magic,
And I knew this was it!!!
Radosveta Zhelyazkova
Illustration took a year to complete. I left most of the illustration to Radi’s creative genius. And every painted canvas I received was a masterpiece and took my words into new realms.
Available soon!!!
"The Magic Universe" by Mariette Hathor

A story that was given to me to tell….

Posted by Mariette Hathor on Friday, 14 February 2020