I am on a tractor in the playground!

Bobi is playning in the sandstone.


Little boys love much two things when it comes to entertainment: the playground and vehicles, especially big ones like tractors. The two little boys Krisi and Bobi often go to the playground and meet other children, play diferrent kind of games, use the swings, the sandstone – it is such fun! A big, bright vehicle with a huge black wheel is in the centre of the park – Krisi’s favourite place to play, he calles it tractor:
 – Look, Bobi! I am on a tractor! Brruum, brrruuummm, bruuuuumm!
– No, that is not a tractor!
– Yes it is! Looks exactly that the one on the wall at home!
– Tractors are only in the rural fields and in mommy’s painting! The only thing that looks the same is the colors! ORANGE, BLACK AND RED!

ORANGE BLACK RED are the colors of the painting “Working hard” and of the car in the playground.

Kids often associate objects with colors and materials. They use emotions, visual memory, sounds, colors and tastes to explore the surrounding area.

at the playground

Original art by Radosveta Zhelyazkova Details: * Painting name: “Working hard” * Size: 35 x 27 x 2 cm * Technique, material: Oil on canvas

The artpiece called Working hard is very colorful. The bright lines of the fields show various of shades and tons of the colors green, orange, red, yellow, brown. The variousity of colors, their saturation and clarity keeps children’s attention and helps them to learn colors and shapes.
On the other hand, wall art matters a lot. First, because it makes the room finished. The wall with an artpiece is not just a wall, it is a work of art. It increases the value of the whole premise. Buying art for your children’s room is not just adding another object from the kids store – it means a lot more. By art kids learn to observe, describe and analyze; Arts introduce children to cultures from around the world, also exposure to arts is one important way to foster creativity in children. And not last – art is fun, entertainment, a positive emotion and who doesn’t want to see his kid smile?

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