Meet and greet Her Majesty, Sisi!

She is adorable pug and her full name is:

“Her Majesty, the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen of Hungary” but we call her “Sisi”.

Sisi is a noble pug! She has a whole museum in Vienna!

She is most happy on the table with her napkin on her fluffy neck:

Sisi was Empress from Austria and Queen from Hungary:

But MOST IMPORTANT is that Sisi has taught us the lesson of unconditional love and the importance of forgiving freely and often. She has taught us to smile, to jump for joy, and to greet those coming through our door with open arms. She is teaching us that snuggles can ease any kind of sadness and long walks are cleansing for the soul. Most importantly, she has taught us that words are not necessary, the simple act of showing up and being there is enough. Thank you for letting us love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Credit photos: @iammariyadonat

For those who love Queens:


*Her Majesty, Sisi
*Size: 50 x 40 x 2 cm
*Oil on canvas
*Style: Realism, Naive art
*100% original art work
*Ready to hang
*Makes people happy

The art work is full of bright and vibrant colors and creates an atmosphere of happiness and positive emotions in the room. It is also the perfect present for various occasions.

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