Krisi and Bobi giving a lift to the colorful Kite!

Kites in the sky

Kites in the sky

Remember them?! Kites! Anywhere in the world you go, kids always love to play with kite.

Kites come in many colors, forms, shapes, and is most beautiful-they have long colorful tales. They sparkle up in the sky, dance with the wind and play with the air. When I was little I used to play with my homemade kite and it was so much fun! Here are, Krisi and Bobi, giving a lift to their own new colorful kite! When the wind was blowing, the kite was going right up in the sky! The streamers were making some beautiful sounds and the entire neighbourhood was was watching it! Flying kites is fun for everyone. Kite kits are a great opportunity to have kids play with one another; take them outside and explore the great blue yonder. Great way to burn off some birthday cake too!Kites in the skyKites in the sky

Kites in the sky

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  1. Papiya Pal
    How I missed seeing you! Brilliant!
    Reply 05.09.2017 at 8:56

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