Is there a kid who doesn’t love candy?! I don’t think so…


Kids love candy and they feel happy when they eat it. So they always ask for more! Candies often have bright colors. Kids find those colors appealing and so feel like tasting them 🙂

Let me introduce you to my “Candies” painting! It is sweet, cute and eye-catching!  I used bright and vibrant colors for it because they give people a pleasant feeling as many of them are mood enhancers. This painting has a nostalgic effect on me as it reminds me of the colorful things I had in my childhood. It affects me in a positive way. How about you?




Radosveta Zhelyazkova

Name: “Candies” Size: 55 x 46 x 2 cm Technique: Oil on canvas Year: 2018

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  1. Madhumathi Ganesh
    Fantasy, and joy colourfully captured in art. Nice works.
    Reply 25.01.2018 at 15:57

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