Il Camino de Santiago – The way

This painting is for adventure seekers and for those who keep asking themselves question about the meaning of life.

The art work called “Il Camino de Santiago – The way” honors the The Way: Camino de Santiago.

Camino de Santiago

Educational: In English “Il Camino de Santiago” is known as “The Way of St. James”. “The way” are called the routes that lead to Santiago de Compostela as this is where the remains of St James, (Santiago), were discovered in the ninth century.

in the early 80″s this route began to attract pilgrims’ attention – they started to map and explore the routes of Santiago.

Why I decided to make this painting and to call it “Il Camino”? Because I love the idea of liberating.

The exertion of walking for a month or two; being disconnected to modern devices such as TV, Radio, internet and smartphones is liberating. This is what I teach my kids every day –

To follow their passion, to be prepared to work hard and above all not to let anyone to limit their dreams and minds. This how imagine “My way” and this is how I am painting it.

Walking the Way is an inner experience – some people walk a month, others finish the way within 4 or 5 years. Do it whatever way you want.

I personally haven’t walked the way. The reason is that my children are still very little and in my opinion incapable to walk through the whole way for a couple of months. But I know I will go there the moment I feel ready.

I have watched almost all the movies on the subject and still keep gathering interesting information from books, publications and personal stories.

What you will see in this painting “Il Camino de Santiago ” is what I imagine the way would be if I was to go through it now. What you will see in the painting “Il Camino de Santiago – after” will be my impression after I walk the route.

To those who are interested in “The Way” and would love to read more about it, this the official website of “Il Camino”. And please, don’t forget to leave your comments , suggestions and questions to “My Art for Kids” below. Thank you!



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