I was fortunate to receive my art education in two different Academies

“…I can say that my formal training is solid. I was fortunate to receive my art education in two different Academies: Art Academy “Riaci” in Florence and The National Art Academy in Sofia.
For me enrolling in these two art schools was a very valuable career move. The main task of the art teachers and the Academy is to awake the magic, the joy of exploring and learning, the skill of listening and understanding.

During my years of studying I not only got the chance to learn technical know-how, which of course is very important. The time spent with my teachers and all my colleagues helped me to nourish my fantasy,

imagination and culture. The multicultural environment in both institutions helped me grow as human and painter.

Also the years spent at the Academy taught me to behave as professional: It has changed my mind on the value of the materials, products, technique and attitude towards the painting process and towards the client.

One of my teachers said that: “During the painting process always keep thinking that you are doing it for “the king”. Give your very best every time on the canvas.

Use high quality and quantity of products and materials. On that day when “The King” asks you to paint for them you already know what to do and more important, how to behave.”


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