After “Good Bye, Summer!” it’s time to say “Hi, Autumn!”

After these two loud boys said “Good bye, Summer!” with a colorful and bright painting in our previous post, they decided to go out and welcome Autumn.


Fall always attracts children with its vivid reddish – orange colors all over. This “fire” season inspires feelings that were well-hidden in the summertime. Besides the new “to-do” lists, the new academic year, the long sleeved clothes and the colder wind Autumn brings us the best collection of paints, multicolor landscapes, deep emotions and lots of water.

When Autumn comes most of the leaves fall on the ground to make a beautiful red carpet. They are also ready to become the perfect autumn herbarium.

Fall as a whole is just so romantic and beautiful to see.
Autumn is when the bright orange of summer meets the fire red and they both create beautiful landscapes – an artist’s dream.

Name: Autumn tree

Size: 40 x 50 x 2 cm

Technique: oil color, gold leaf, gold acrylic paint, UV protected varnish on canvas, stretched canvas, linen oil

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