Do you still keep your childhood items or toys?

Do you still keep a special toy from your childhood?

Are you a very sentimental person – do you need to keep items to recall memories or are you a collector of items from the past?

I left my hometown years ago.
Last Monday the kids and I visited my parents for Christmas.

While I was looking for colored pencils in the closet, I happened upon a whole collection of so 80’s stuff. I have never been very attached to these items, but they recalled some great memories from childhood. I even felt nostalgic.
I found my old “Toison D’or Polycolor pencils 3822” Plus some used pencils – vintage and still beautiful! I put it back оn the shelve.



A Vintage “Smena Symbol” Camera – this was a surprise! It is even older than me!

The kids got excited after they found my stuffed bunny, carefully washed, instead of thrown away…I quite like finding stuffed toys that I used to play with 30 years ago. They are cute and soft.

My books. I used to read a lot. My friends and I didn’t have computers or phones so the books were our amusement.

They are very old but still, thinking about parting with these books that I’ve had and read since I was a kid (that I haven’t even thought about in years), pains me greatly. I still have an emotional attachment to them. 

I also found my first drawings and paintings.

These art works are just cool to look at and remember. I don’t look at them for a long time and when I come back some years later I’m like, “I remember this! I painted it with tempera!” I guess, this is where my art career started from:

Do you still have any of your childhood toys/books?

If yes, do you have an attachment to them? Keeping them for your future kids? Or have you given them away? Sold them? Share your story in the comments below, Thank you!

Warm regards,


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