Do you spend enough time with your child?

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If you Google around the Internet with such search phrase as “spending time with your child,” you will find hundreds of opinions and advices given by experts telling you how important parent-child play and spending time together is for both parties.

As the years go by and children grow up we start to feel more and more guilty about the amount of time that we spend or don’t spend with our kids.
Today’s parents are busier than ever. Both parents – the mother and the father work outside of the home. And not just them – kids are being occupied with activities like sports, language classes, dance classes, music lessons…and others.

Do you often go out together, do crazy childish things, like playing with snails, blow bubbles, play with kite in the park or just laughing out loud on each other?
Radosveta Zhelyazkova artist Radosveta Zhelyazkova artist

Or you just leave them to watch TV or do anything as long as it keeps them busy?
Watching TVRelax… this is not the “parenting court” and you are not under arest!
If I was to answer the question “Are you spending enough time with your child / children?”, I would say “No”. And I perfectly know that communicating with children is important.

I have found my way and solution to ensure that my kids will have sufficient self-esteem and self-confidence – I am making art for them. My paintings make them feel I am closer to their world and they feel more secure and confident because “mum is here all the time” – she is in clouds, in the pink trees, in the colorful houses, the blue water, in the green fields; she is everywhere.

And what is your way? Please share, leave a comment!
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