Our original and unique postcards are finally on the wall of Sherwood Center or the Arts, Portland, Oregon!



The “Postcards From Here” installation is now complete. We received over 200 postcards from all over the world.
The innovation and creativity of the cards is very impressive.
We looked around at various methods to display many cards in a gallery environment and while there are many ways to accomplish this some are quite expensive and required some mechanical or hardware application that will mar the walls and require patching once the installation is removed.
So we found a very inexpensive and frugal way to employ the existing display system at the center with a combination of good old fashioned clothespins and twine to simply hang the cards.
This method allows the viewers to flip the cards from front to back to read the information provided by the maker.
We also decided to mix up the cards and not match cards to the individual makers where more than one or two cards were provided. So when you look at the photos of the installation you will find your cards in different places along the walls.