A car on the street! Beep! Beep!

Radosveta Zhelyazkova

I shall start this post with a sweet poem about a car, streets and kids’ love to vehicles 🙂

Radosveta ZhelyazkovaMy Toy Car

I love my toy car,
It’s big and it is.

I love watching it on my mini street,
And beside my mini railroad too.

I want to show it to my friends,
What daddy brought me.

I will cherish it to the end
And to others kids I’ll lend.

The Car – my kids’ best friend and favorite toy! My two boys are car guys, at this point in their life every toy is a car or other vehicle and that’s what they love to play with. Krisi and Bobi were little babies the first time they touched Matchbox cars at a birthday party. Since then, there is absolutely nothing that amazes them more than a small 90 cent metal colorful car.

I find cars everywhere. I find them in the fridge, on the TV, under my pillow, in my shoe, in the bath… My kids eat with cars, go out with cars in the pockets, take a shower with cars in hands, sleep with them.

Beep! Beep! Size: 40 x 30 x 1 cm Media: oil on canvas

Beep! Beep! Size: 40 x 30 x 1 cm Media: oil on canvas

One Saturday morning they found this small colorful painting on their wall – full of bright cars, trucks, streets and lights!

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