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My name is Radosveta and I create paintings, clothes and accessories for kids. I am an artist and a mother of two loud boys.
Once upon a time I worked in an office but now I am sharing my love of art with my fans and clients. My art company called “My Art for Kids” offers colorful and vivid art works for toddlers and little children. “My Art for Kids” is a place sure to fill your kids’ hearts with wonder! Its mission is to provide attractive, abstract and colorful art suitable for the decoration of the room of a child.My preffered technique is oil colors on canvas.

All my paintings are unique, original pieces; one of a kind.In addition to my art on canvas I make clothes for kids – as colorful, bright and attractive as my paintings. My Art for Kids has found home and owners all over the world: Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Canada. 

In addition to my portfolio and store, my two little boys, Krisi and Bobo, are maintaining a blog where we are laughing life off by sharing daily mishaps, funny situations and embarrassments. Krisi and Bobo are here to entertain you and help me make this place beautiful and fun!
All images are copyright © Radosveta Zhelyazkova and MyArtForKids. 
If you want to use, download or copy an image from my gallery, please send me an e-mail here: radosveta17@gmail.com or call: + 359 889 633 001. Thank you!

  • Art is magic
  • Art is fun
  • Art is beauty
  • Kids love colors
  • kids love funny characters
  • Kids love fairy tales
  • Art + kids = magic
  • Art + kids = fun
  • Art + kids = love

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