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Radosveta Zhelyazkova

I am creative and a mother of two loud boys. Once upon a time I worked in an office but now I am sharing my love of art with my fans and clients – also lovers of art.
My art for kids is focused on helping children all over the world build strong love and desire to art. My art pieces contain colorful organic shapes in bright colors: red, yellow, blue, green. In my artworks you see a vast palette of shades and tints. The variety of colors, their saturation and clarity keeps children’s attention and helps them to learn colors and shapes.
I work with oil colors on canvas. All my paintings are unique, original pieces; one of a kind.
In addition to my portfolio and store, my two little boys, Krisi and Bobi, are maintaining a blog where we are laughing life off by sharing daily mishaps, funny situations and embarrassments. Krisi and Bobi are here to entertain you and help me make this place beautiful and fun!

Krisi and Bobo are having fun with mom’s brushes 🙂

  • Art is magic
  • Art is fun
  • Art is beauty
  • Kids love colors
  • kids love funny characters
  • Kids love fairy tales
  • Art + kids = magic
  • Art + kids = fun
  • Art + kids = love

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Lets go to the village!
Learn fruits and veggies!
Sky is our limit!
Yo, ho ho, and a bottle of rum!
Rain, rain, go away!